Getting over your ex… This will help! No Contact Support Community

It is hard to get over someone you love.  It is hard to get over someone you love but he or she hurt you, engaged in crazymaking… cheated on you, was always looking over his or her shoulder at someone else, shut down, refused to talk like a grown up… or just played mind games….

If you love your ex.. a little… or are addicted to thinking obsessive thoughts about your ex… We are here to help.  Start by deciding you won’t contact him or her… because you know it has not helped you heal.  It is making it hurt worse as you hold on.  When you struggle, wanting to contact your ex, go ahead and post here instead.

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5 thoughts on “Getting over your ex… This will help! No Contact Support Community

  1. Day 19 No Contact. I have been no contact with my prior boyfriend for 19 days.
    It still hurts. I had a really rough morning with my ex husband being a humongous jerk and hurting my kid’s feelings… I felt powerless over his behavior. I wanted to comfort my kids and was not allowed to, it’s “his” custody day. So I really wanted to hear words of comfort from my prior boyfriend… I miss him. But I know he has moved on … and it would just hurt to want more from him than he is ready to give right now. So after months of sharing everything, months of hours of phone calls and support… and glorious massages… I did not call him and tell him what was going on… I did not have a shoulder to cry on or someone to tell me a joke.. I have to find my own way out of the pain. And really I know the steps.. I am just used to using my prior boyfriend for support, and a smile. I am fighting back tears still here and there. Looking forward to hearing your story too. I know I am not alone in this. I know I would get sucked back into hoping we had a future if we talk. Even though he said never say never and we might have a future and that sort of thing… right now.. I have my own life to live, my kids need me… and right now he is trying it with a new woman and I want to give him space and not feel the pain that trying to be friends was … we tried that. It made me hurt. Time to let go and let the future unfold. (BTW Prior boyfriend and ex husband two different guys… for clarity)

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