Unconditional Love: WARNING!

The phrase Unconditional Love is a misused term.
One of my friends gets mad at me for “not believing in unconditional love” … but what I don’t believe in .. is that he can expect to be part of his friends and family’s life unconditionally… while drinking himself into a verbally abusive cantankerous mess. So he will go off and have one of those nights.. and say terrible things to people…and realize he is being a jerk and get all spiritual and start talking about unconditional love… as if his gf, kids, boss should take him back again and again without changing his behavior. Unconditional love… really is meant to be continuing to forgive and love … but not necessarily allow a misbehaving friend or parent into their inner circle. Desirablelove illustrates this talk about boundaries very well. I must continually remind myself and my children that God loves me unconditionally, and will forgive and accept me when I am honest hearted. But also God expects much of those who have been given much, and if we live hurting other people… we are not going to be given the blessings and opportunities of someone who is spiritually mature. Just like we don’t give the car keys to a 5 year old and say “sure kid… take a joy ride”. So… don’t get tripped up on “conditional” we can love and forgive freely with boundaries and wisdom.. and boundaries and wisdom develop discernment so you can learn who to trust and who you can truly be free to love fully because they are mature enough spiritually to have earned our trust.

Desirable Love

You attract what you are. – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Is this true? Yes and no.

You hear from so many: “Become what you want to attract…”. Even some of the posts on this blog have inferred the same… However, before I write any further about desirable love (how to attain it)…I would like to attach a WARNING LABEL to the process.

You hear a lot about 1st “learn to love yourself”…. and as you “learn to forgive”, “love unconditionally”, and “be more accepting” of yourself – you will simultaneously learn how to be more empathetic/forgiving/loving to others… blah, blah, blah.

So now suppose we have done our “work”… we have become a more loving individual… we should attract a more empathetic/understanding/loving partner into our lives… Correct? Well, yes and NO! You will attract both; good & bad. In fact, the better you become, the better & the worse

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