Falling in Love with a Narcissist Changes You – Adjusting your schedule to accomodate him or her

redheartemuseclubIt is important when you fall in love with an empathy disordered individual to remember that addiction is playing a big part in your relationship.  He (or she) starts out by love bombing, requiring and giving constant attention… then starts to play games.. after you are hooked..(ADDICTED) and you will do anything (put up with garbage) in order to try and get that magical first phase of “love” and attention back.  Then if you really are about to leave, he (or she) will pull out the charm and love bomb again … or discard you for a new target if he knows you are too strong to put up with his game.

Great insights by Hugsy

Addicted to Love and Drama

Being involved with a narcissist on a closer level inevitably changes you. You not only change your daily routines for them, but also adjust your morals, views and behavior – a necessary measure in order to be able to live with their deceit and manipulations. In addition to that, you tend to become easily irritable, depressed and not much fun to be around. Your willingness to change in order to please the narcissist and survive in a narcissistic relationship can reach worrying levels. After a certain amount of time, you begin to feel as if you are slowly losing touch with yourself. However, since you are usually so busy with catering to the narcissist’s needs and dancing to their pipes, you don’t spend too many thoughts on your own well-being. You might be aware of the fact that you are changing and that you are no longer your old self. However…

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