Empathy Disorders – Healing for Narcissist? Ideas.. however far fetched?

So… I am convinced that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a spectrum disorder… meaning that it has different strengths.  I also think that some traits are stronger in some narcs than in others.

(Some narcs are sexual players with harems and some narcs are monogamous sexually but have purely emotional games going on, etc.)

Popular wisdom says narcissists cannot heal, won’t admit they are wrong about anything and never stay at a therapist unless they have basically run out of options and lost all of their influence and have been forced to see a therapist.

Some popular talk is beginning to say that all addicts have a strong element of narcissism and it is unclear how much getting sober makes that disappear.

I don’t really know.  But… if you have any stories about what it took to get a narc in your life to therapy and if he or she listened at all, changed at all… please share.

I do not know what it would take to help a narc feel safe enough to drop the mask and ask for help in healing.  Anyone with experience with this, please contribute and share your thoughts.


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