Interview with Sam Vaknin: Online Narcissism Subculture, Empathy, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Myths

Sam Vaknin and Spartan Life Coach discuss Narcissism, and the online culture that puts a lot of energy into  describing a black and white, evil vs. good dimension into describing narcissism.  They discuss narcissistic personality disorder myths vs. clinical definitions.

This also discusses transforming the way narcissism is viewed.  All narcissists have an inferiority complex and neediness.  They feel inferior, defective, and fragile.  The false self is what the narcissists wishes that he/she is and is not.  In Sam Vaknin’s opinion, the distinction between types of narcissists is in their thespian skills, their ability to act. Covert narcissists can team up with an overt narcissist.

Attraction to abusive partners and the addictive nature of addiction.


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